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Protein Collagen Smoothening Therapy - short

Protein Collagen Smoothening Therapy - short
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Protein Collagen Smoothening Therapy - short

PROTEIN THERAPY is the latest and most advanced protein formula to remove frizz, reduce volume and deeply restore damaged hair, without the use of harsh chemicals. It can be applied on previously straightened hair, colored or de-colored hair, and hair that has been treated with any other chemicals. The healthier the condition of the hair, the better the final result will be. The volume reduction is progressive and cumulative, making the hair easier to work on, besides providing shine and natural look to the strands. For damaged and wavy hair, previously treated with a relaxer, applying this treatment will provide an amazing result and a very natural look. This treatment is formaldehyde free and completely safe.




Ø  Eliminate Frizz and reduce volume

Ø  Smooth hair and create natural shine.

Ø  Deeply restore damaged hair

Ø  Improve hair Elasticity

Ø  Provide shine and natural look to the strands.

Ø  Hair straightening up to 100% depending on your hair texture.

Ø  The treatment will last up to 3 to 4 months if the After-Care and Maintenance product line is used. The Treatment is cumulative, in that the more you receive it, the healthier the hair will be and the longer the result will last.


After treatment Home Care –


Ø  DO protect the hair from absorbing salt/chlorine if entering a pool or the ocean.

Ø  DO put hair in a shower cap when bathing.

Ø  DON’T tie hair into a ponytail as this may leave a lasting impression.

Ø  DON’T wear hair clips, hair bands, or bobby pins as these may leave a lasting impression.

Ø  DON’T place hair behind ears for long periods.

Ø  DON’T rest glasses on the head or use them to hold the hair back.

Ø  DON’T let sweat come in your hairs.

Ø  Use Only Sodium chloride and sulfate-free hair products


Important – Recommended after treatment hair care products must be used to guarantee ultimate results. Credit for services onlyNo Monetary refund.  If you didn’t get the desired results, then it should be reported within seven days from the treatment. 

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